Here is the list of all the stories of Vulperra so far. If you’re new, then I would recommend to start with Prolog and just keep reading like a champ!

1 – Prolog
This tells the legend of the very first Flash Gauntlet in the Vulperrian history.

2 – Flash Gauntlet
First story of the “current” Flash Gauntlet where he has to fight a demon in a cellar.

3 – Diego
A short story of the lone wanderer Diego and his fight for getting his lunch back.

4 – Flash Gauntlet: The Duel
Flash visits a town where he challenges a swordmaster to a duel to prove that he has excellent fencing skills.

5 – The Gold Digger
A gold digger tries to get some gold. Of course it can’t go well.

6 – Griff Ra Da
The bounty hunter Griff Ra Da decides to take down the Salton brothers to claim the reward and save Sir Arios daughter.

7 – Silia
Silia has to buy her father a new knife for work. However, she makes a terrible mistake and trades it for a “better” knife.

8 – Flash Gauntlet: The Guardian of Castle Bogo
Flash stops by a little castle in the woods only to find that he might be stuck there for a veeeery long time.

9 – Flash Gauntlet: Down and up Again
Flash takes a break on his journey to eat some food, when he loses some of it down a deep hole.

10 – Flash Gauntlet: The Helping Hand.
Silias sister has been kidnapped by a band of bandits and is unable to save her. Luckly, a legendary hero is passing through town.